Privacy Policy

Groom Hill is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data in accordance with data protection legislation. Personal data is any information relating to you or that can be linked back to you, such as your name, contact numbers or any other information about you or your circumstances that we gather during our relationship with you.

This Privacy Policy sets the basis on which we will process your personal data when you visit our website and aims to ensure that you are satisfied that your personal data is protected and used only as you would expect. After reading this Policy, if you have any questions relating to it or to the use of your personal data please contact us. You may also contact us to update any personal information you have previously provided to us since it is of course important that the information we hold about you remains accurate. Our contact details appear at the end of this privacy notice.

Under the data protection regulations, you have the right to be informed when your personal information is collected, what it is used for and who has access to it. Our policy sets out details on these aspects.

We apply the highest standards of security when it comes to protecting information. All of our employees and any third parties we engage to process your personal information are obliged to respect the privacy of your information.

How we use your personal information

We will use your personal data to give you information about the professional services Groom Hill provides and which you require, based on our understanding of your needs. Using your personal data in this way is necessary in the context of the legitimate interests we have as a firm in promoting our professional services while respecting your right to privacy and acting proportionately in relation to it.

The majority of personal data we hold on you will be provided by you directly to us. If you send an enquiry to us through the “Contact” section of our website, we will ask you to complete a form that is displayed on our website in which you provide us with the contact details we need in order to identify you and deal with your enquiry:

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, we may contact you using the details you have provided us with and collect further details from you to assist us in dealing with your enquiry. Such further details could include the background to your enquiry or the professional services that you are seeking. In each case, we will only ask you to provide the information which is necessary and relevant to our dealing with your enquiry.

There is certain data that we will not process without your explicit consent or unless we are required to do so, for example by a court, regulatory authority or law enforcement entity. This data falls into what the data protection legislation refers to as “special categories” of data and includes information such as criminal records.

We may use your data to send you legal updates or firm events that we would like to inform you about. If you do not wish us to use your personal data in this way, please let us know.

We directly manage all applications for vacancies at Groom Hill and do so in accordance with this Privacy Policy and your right to privacy.

When you are visiting our office, we have guest WIFI on site which you can connect to upon request.  We record your device address and you will be automatically allocated an IP address once you log on.

How long we keep personal data

If you make contact with us through the “Contact” section of our website, we do not normally keep your personal data for a period of more than seven years unless you become a client of ours and are formally engaged by us. If you do become a client, we will normally retain information on the matter we assisted you with (including your personal data) for as long as it is needed for us to effectively deliver the terms of our contract with you and to satisfy all statutory and other legal obligations regarding the retention of records. It is sometimes impossible for us to delete certain data (because, for example, it is stored on a secure external server) and in these cases we ensure that we take all relevant measures to ensure that the information is secure and not available to third parties.

Cookies etc.

We do not collect any statistical data from our website nor do we use any third-party websites. Our website does collect and use cookies in a number of ways to monitor performance and to improve your experience whilst visiting our website. None of the cookies collect or store personally information that can identify you. For more information relating to our use of cookies, please see our Cookie Policy.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us:

  • by email to:
  • by post to: Groom Hill, 24 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, MC 98000 Monaco

Please be reminded that you have a number of rights in relation to the data we hold on you. At any time, you may withdraw your consent for us to use your data, request to access to the data, obtain copies of it or request details of how it is processed and by whom. Please simply get in contact with us.